En av de stora skivproducenterna är död. George Martin blev 90 år. Han, med sin klassiska bakgrund, låg bakom Beatles sound på 60-talet. Många av världens artister minns och hyllar honom.

Paul McCartney skriver på sin hemsida:
”The world has lost a truly great man who left an indelible mark on my soul and the history of British music”.

Den tidigare SVT-journalisten och Beatles-experten Rolf Hammarlund, som gjorde musikprogrammen Sixties och Seventies på SVT skriver på Facebook att han sörjer George Martin:

En sorgens dag. George Martin var en mycket sympatisk, ödmjuk, begåvad och fantastisk person. Han sa aldrig nej när jag frågade om intervjuer, även om de var långa, bl.a i olika musikstudior i London som han själv föreslog. Fick 1991 också göra den troligen första TV-dokumentären om honom med fokus på just hans rika liv med musiken, inte minst Beatles. Det känns som en gammal vän försvunnit”.

BBC: Sir George Martin, the ”fifth Beatle” dies, aged 90″
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr broke the news on Twitter and led tributes, saying Sir George ”will be missed”.

SVT: Ringo Starr: ”Tack för all din kärlek

Sveriges Radio: Beatlesproducenten George Martin död

Dagens Nyheter: Artisteliten och premiärministern sörjer George Martin

Peter Gabriel skriver:
”Really sad to lose George Martin, a brilliantly creative musical maestro who explored and expanded what music was and could be.

He was one of the giants that turned the job of recording from a science into an art.

The marriage of his experience, musicality and orchestral background with the furnace of creativity that was The Beatles, produced startlingly new music that inspired a generation and was one of the things that made me want to become a musician. The experimental edge to my work was inspired by his.

The first of many of his productions that I bought, was a Peter Sellers record and that gentle anarchic humour in that and the Goons was also a key to how he connected with people.

One of my personal highlights was to have been presented the APRS Fellowship award by the great man,who was very generous and encouraging as always.

I only worked once with him, by remote, singing Summertime for Larry Adler’s last record. It was never about him, only about making great music.

He was a warm and nourishing treasure, who often reminded me of my dad, in a self-centred and ego driven world”.

I will miss you.

– pg

PS Check out the Radio 1 theme that he wrote, it’s a great melody.


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