Today my all time favorite band TOTO is playing their very last show and calling it the end after more than 40 years!!!

I bought their first album when it came out in 1978, saw them live for the first time in 1982 on the IV Tour and more than 60 times after that including private parties, small clubs, rare events like Da Pinga, trade shows and big stadiums.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1987 and only weeks after getting there i met them and became a very close friend to several of them.
I’ve truly seen the very best and absolutely worst of the band during all those years but it’s mostly water under the bridge or part of that old school rock and roll behaviour some stars had to go through but can laugh about today!

More than anything in my whole career i treasure the very close years with Jeff and Mike Porcaro!
Dinners, parties, long hours on the phone and even writing and recording together.
I’m very sure that i will not meet 2 more talented and friendly humans again and i miss them pretty much daily RIP ❤

Jeff, Mike and Steve Porcaro plus David Paich were my backing band for my first Radioactive album that we recorded in 1991.
An album that also features Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen and Joseph Williams singing, David Hungate on bass as well as Greg Phillinganes who played in Toto later on.

I might be the only non Toto member to have recorded albums with every Toto member ever including Jean Michel Byron, Simon Phillips, Randy Goodrum and many others that were part of their legacy.

Me and Bobby have been the best of friends since 1994
and have recorded many albums plus toured the world doing some 200 shows together included competing with our own song in the Vina Del Mar festival in Chile for 35.000 people in the crowd and 160 million watching on TV.
I even got to play with him at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go on Sunset Blvd where TOTO filmed the videos for Hold The Line and I’ll Supply The Love!

Me and the wonderful Fergie Frederiksen toured Japan and Europe and recorded many albums including our own Frederiksen-Denander…RIP dear brother!

I’ve written several songs for projects featuring Joseph Williams.

My history with Steve Lukather features as many amazing as horrible moments but unlike him i see no need in living in darkness so i cherish the great times and many albums we’ve played on plus wish him nothing but the best.
He was and remains one of the greatest guitarists in history.

My life wouldn’t have been remotely the same without Toto!
Their music, musicianship, song writing, friendships and many laughs, tears and lessons learnt….so all i wanna say is THANK YOU

Tack Tommy för att jag fick publicera detta här på min blog!

Bilden är tagen av Jonna Söderlund i Castle Oak Studio, Calabasas, Kalifornien. Publicerad med tillstånd från Tommy Denander.
På bilden sitter, från vänster Mike Porcaro, Tommy Denander och Jeff Porcaro.


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